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The Best Software for Amazing Photos.

You want your photos to be razor-sharp and crystal-clear. Astra Image can help you with that. Easily enhance your images with deconvolution, multiscale processing, denoising and much more...

Astra Image 6.0 coming soon! Many new features and enhancements. Read about FREE UPGRADES and see the roadmap

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* [April 19, 2023] Astra Image 6.0 coming soon! Massive update. Read about upgrades, pricing and see the roadmap.

* Check out these tutorials by Viktor Schmidt (in German).

* Now over 2500 images processed with Astra Image on AstroBin.

Astra Image - Deconvolution, Multiscale, Wavelets and more...

Astra Image gives you everything you need to make your images sharper, clearer, more amazing. With a clean, easy-to-use layout and intuitive tools, you will be making better photos in no time. Available as an application and Adobe Photoshop plug-ins.

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Sharpen and restore your pictures with Astra Image's extensive deconvolution toolset.

Astra Image gives you seven different types of deconvolution and highly customizable blur kernels so you can easily produce sharp images, even with motion blur. You also get advanced noise suppression and deringing.
Easy and fast deconvolution for razor-sharp images. With four types of blur kernel and five types of deconvolution, you will be quickly producing sharp and detailed photos.
Automatically detect and remove camera shake with Astra Image's proprietary blur kernel detection algorithms. Just choose a region to analyze, then detect and deblur with one click. If you want to customize and tune, you can do that too.
Restore out-of-focus images easily. Five types of tunable blur kernels and noise suppression means that you can go from fuzzy to sharp in no time.

Multiscale Processing

Bring out every detail using Astra Image's amazing multiscale contrast tool.

Perfectly tune contrast, enhance structure, sharpen edges and add vibrance all in one tool.

Sharpen the small, medium and large details in your photos quickly and easily.

Lots more multiscale processing.

Multiscale Sharpening

Get fine control over your sharpening, with five different sharpening levels and four separation filters.

Multiscale Tone Mapping

Make your HDR images look great with Astra Image's multiscale tone mapping. Easily bring out details and adjust the brightness of your HDR photos.


Powerful Non-Linear Adjustments.

From simple to advanced, Astra Image's easy-to-use professional adjustment tools will help you to make amazing photos. With exposure, multi-zone contrast and tone, color, and much more.

Easy and intuitive.

All adjustments are done in real-time, so you can fine-tune quickly and easily. Want to reset? That's easy too.


Robust detail-preserving denoising.

Remove noise and keep the details. Astra Image's denoise tool is very simple to use, but produces amazing results.

Two independent channels.

Color and luminance can be denoised separately, allowing you to tailor to the exact noise that is in your photo.

Edge-Aware Filtering

So much more that "Surface Blur".

Astra Image goes beyond the "surface blur" tool and has full edge-aware filtering. This not only gives you more control, it also produces much better smoothing.

More Filtering Power.

With the addition of a guide image, you can do advanced image processing like flash / no flash denoising. And Astra Image makes it simple.

Smart Decolor

Convert color to stunning monochrome.

This is no simple color to monochrome tool. Astra Image uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to remove color while preserving contrast. Great for producing dramatic black-and-white images from your color photos.

Great for printing too.

Want to print your color photo in black-and-white? Using the Astra Image Smart Decolor tool will give you a great result. Works really well for printing maps too.

Auto Enhance

One click processing.

The state-of-the-art auto-enhancement in Astra Image analyzes your image and determines the best processing to produce an awesome photo.

Subtle power.

You can auto enhance everything at once, or you can choose to auto enhance the gamma, contrast or color separately.

Astra Image

Make amazing photos quickly and easily.

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Remove camera shake

Remove focus blur

Advanced deconvolution for sharpening

Wavelet sharpening

Multiscale contrast adjustment

Super contrast

Multiscale sharpening

Multi-zone tone adjustment

Advanced brightness, contrast and exposure

Simple and advanced tone mapping

Edge-preserving denoising

Color balance and temperature adjustment

Color channel mixer

Advanced decolorization

Lens distortion correction

RGB and LRGB combining

Adaptive filtering

Convolution filtering

Pixel math

Advanced image statistics

RAW and FITS file support

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 with at least 2GB RAM. 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported
File Formats
TIFF, JPEG, PNG, FITS (8, 16, 32-bit), BMP, HDR, EXR and many RAW formats.