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What is it? - Traditional brightness and contrast functions are linear and not very intelligent with how they adjust the image. But sigmoidial brightness and contrast are different. They use an S-curve which adjusts the bright, dark and mid-tone areas of an image separately. This produces a very pleasing result on most terrestrial and astronomical images.

Where is it? - You can find the sigmoidial brightness and contrast adjustments in the Adjustments window.

What is it? - Rather than adjusting contrast and sharpness separately, super contrast gives you a tool to adjust the contrast, texture sharpness and edge sharpness together. Also, it gives you separate contrast adjustments for the shadows, midtones and highlights.

Where is it? - Go to the Processing menu and click on Super Contrast...

What is it? - Mutilscale sharpening gives you fine control over image sharpening. It decomposes the image into different scales which can be sharpened separately. Want to sharpen really small, fine detail? No problem, just adjust the Very Small Detail slider. Also, Multiscale sharpening has our halo reduction technology which can suppress artifacts and make your image look amazing.

Where is it? - Go to the Processing menu and click on Multiscale Sharpening...

What is it? - Deconvolution is one of the most powerful sharpening and image restoration techniques available today. It can remove blur and sharpen images like no other tool. Astra Image provides you with many different kinds of decovlution algorithms so that you can choose the one that works best with your image. To use this tool, you first select the blur kernel. This is a description of the blur in the image. If your image is very blurry, use a bigger blur kernel. If your image is already sharp, use a smaller blur kernel. Then you are ready to go. The sharpening deconvolution functions in Astra Image also have our amazing halo reduction technology that helps to suppress artifacts.

Where is it? - You can find the different deconvolution functions under the Processing menu

What is it? - Contrast is great, but multiscale contrast makes it so much more powerful. You can adjust the contrast of details that are small, medium and large separately. You can also adjust the shadows, midtones and highlights separately. Using this tool can make your images sharper, have increased clarity and get an HDR-like look. Astra Image multiscale contrast also incorporates advances artifact suppression technology which helps your images look amazing.

Where is it? - Go to the Processing menu and click on Multiscale Contrast.

What is it? - Got an HDR image? Using Astra Image's state-of-the-art technology, you can bring out all the details. Adjust exposure, gamma and detail sharpness to get the most out of your high dynamic range images.

Where is it? - Go to the Processing menu and click on Multiscale Contrast.

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