What is it?

Deconvolution is a way to make images sharper, and to recover information from very blurred images. It can remove focus and motion blurring.

How does it work?

Deconvolution starts with a blur kernel (or point-spread function). When light passes through a lens, through the air, or is reflected by a mirror, it undergoes some form of degradation. The blur kernel represents this degradation. Using some math, deconvolution tries to restore the image based on the blur kernel shape and size. And, at the same time, deconvolution tries to minimize the noise in the image.

Why should I care?

Because deconvolution can make a sharp image look even better, and it can make a blurry image usable.

Why is Astra Image deconvolution good?

We give you previews so that you can try the different deconvolution settings before applying them to the entire image. Also, Astra Image gives you many different kinds of deconvolution to try so that you can find the best one to match your image.



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